Climate is changing. Why aren't we? Turning Awareness into Action.

Updated: Jul 27

Part 1 - Truth in Ten

Part 2 - Climate action begins at home. Information session about the new Canada Greener Homes Grant.

Two UPAA-MB members personally mentored by Nobel Prize laureate and former US Vice President Al Gore are our Isko Talks resource persons this Sunday. This episode will address the concerning gap of climate change awareness and action.

Jomay Amora-Dueck (BA Mass Communication, UP Baguio) will discuss why we should be concerned about climate change and what could be done in the face of this worldwide crisis. She will provide global, national, and local perspectives of understanding and addressing climate change. Jomay is the regional organizer in Manitoba of Climate Reality Project Canada and the education head of Caring for Our Environment Manitoba. Her nomination for the community service award of the Golden Balangay this year is a testament to the meaningful impact of her continuing advocacy of the environment.

Norman Garcia (BS Civil Engineering, UP Diliman) is the founder of Mr. Peg Property Inspections. He is a strong exponent of residential building energy modelling, energy efficiency, and net-zero energy design. Norman currently sits as the director of Sustainable Building Manitoba that promotes sustainable and fossil-fuel-free green buildings. Drawing from his solid background and up-to-date experience in building and housing trends and technology, he will outline concrete steps we can take and highlight available government programs to support homeowners in addressing climate change.

Jomay and Norman are climate reality advocates trained to be strong communicators on climate science and solutions. Under the tutelage of a team of mentors led by former US Vice President and Nobel Prize laureate Al Gore, Jomay and Norman went through a training program that aims to build a worldwide network of Climate Reality Leaders advancing solutions and raising awareness in their communities.

Organized by: University of Philippines Alumni & Associates in Manitoba (UPAA-MB)

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