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$40,000 interest-free loan and $5,000 grant for eligible home energy retrofits

Insulation, Air-Sealing, Windows and Doors, Heating System, Domestic Hot Water System, Renewable Energy, Resiliency Measures


$75 per gigajoule (GJ) saved up to the typical new home GJ rating and $150 per GJ saved beyond the typical new home GJ rating

One GJ equals equals the energy from two BBQ propane tanks

How you can save our planet

By making your home energy efficient, you can reduce your consumption of fossil fuels that contribute to climate change. There are several home renovation incentives in Manitoba being offered by the Canada Greener Homes Grant, Efficiency Manitoba, and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) to support your home energy retrofit journey. We can help support your application by performing home energy assessment as one of their mandatory requirements.

Home Renovation Incentives in Manitoba

Clean Neighborhood

Climate action begins at home

Residential buildings contribute about 17% of total global energy-related CO2 emissions. The climate pollution from buildings comes from burning of fossil fuels for our heating, cooling, and domestic water needs. We all need to act to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels. To achieve this, we need to reach global peaking of greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible to achieve a climate neutral world by 2050 (UNEP 2020).

Climate action begins at home by understanding your home’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission. Act like your world depends on it.


We can assist you on how you can have a home with improved energy efficiency; healthier indoor air; increased occupants' comfort; reduced water usage; increased building durability; lower maintenance costs; lower monthly energy costs; and higher resale value. Green homes are healthier, more environmentally friendly, and economically smarter than the average home. Green buildings do more with less.


To contribute to the fight against climate change through energy efficiency inspections and home inspections.

Saving our Planet, One Inspection  at a Time!


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